What is Xylem?

Xylem is the heart of a plant. Its function is to carry water and other nutrients throughout the plant. Our founders chose Xylem as the name for our firm to emphasize our committed connection with nature.

Our Story

We are gardeners with a laser focus on intelligent balance and design. Our vision is to create beauty in a responsible and sustainable way that works in harmony with the natural environment. Our passion at XYLEM is to demonstrate to Austinites and business owners that gardening and plants add incredible value and are an essential asset to their spaces.

Our aesthetic focus ranges from modern to native to traditional landscape design. All of our designs hold a common thread of being responsibly thought-out, beautifully implemented, and in harmony with the environment.

XYLEM works continously with our staff and contractors to relay a message of warmth and nature in all that we do. We are the direct counterpoint to the myriad of landscaping companies that seem to take nature out of plants and plant design. We offer our clients an overall design experience so that their garden spaces can operate in harmony with their surroundings, goals, and nature.

Our extensive experience and unique philosophies will continue to impact the Austin landscaping community and change perceptions about the ways things are done.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We offer an overall solution that gardens can operate in harmony with their surroundings, goals, nature and your budget.
  • Our experience as master gardener, arborist and irrigation specialist brings you a well-rounded team. We work on commercial accounts, residential garden projects and even container and patio gardens.
  • We are a local company that you can trust.



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Our yard has been completely transformed! We wanted to give our old yard some punch and boy did y'all deliver! Beginning with our first appointment you have been very timely. You also gave us a time line and followed through. The job was well planned and carried out! You started rebuilding the irrigation system that was torn up when the pool was built all the way through planning, planting, fertilizing an...

— Joan & Bill

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